Founded by academics and professionals as a resource for social innovation research, the Ballard Brief publication focuses on creating social impact through collaboration.


Human trafficking, lack of electricity, gender inequality, and low education rates are just a few of the social issues facing the world today. 

Off-Grid Electric, EcoScraps, Simple Citizen, and many others are tackling social issues with business acumen and specialized knowledge of the issue at hand. 

Ballard Briefs will center around progress in each social issue, goal being to be a primary resource for academic and professional social research on current issues. 



Louis Savedra
Director, SVA

Abigail Landry
Consultant, Bridgespan Group

Nikolas Schmidt
CIO, Vital Capital Fund


Associates & Staff

Aaron Miller
Director, Co-Founder

Todd Manwaring
Director, Co-Founder

Taylor Baker
Student Advisor

Marissa Getts
Executive Editor

Lucas Fletcher
TA, Editor

Amir Thakur
TA, Editor


Odell Tyner
TA, Editor

Tom Hogan
TA, Editor

Angelica Erickson
TA, Editor