Ballard Brief (n):

1. Contributor summary of i) a current global social issue, ii) impactful social ventures and non-profits in the space, and iii) future outlook of the issue. 

2. The mission of the Ballard Brief publication is to bring attention to global social problems, summarize the impact of individuals and organizations addressing the issue, and highlight ways to get involved.

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HUman Trafficking

The International Labor Organization estimates that there are 4.5 million people trapped in forced sexual exploitation globally.

In a 2014 report, the Urban Institute estimated that the underground sex economy ranged from $39.9 million in Denver, Colorado, to $290 million in Atlanta, Georgia.

Lack of Electricity

From an electricity-access point of view, sub-Saharan Africa’s situation is the world’s worst. It has 13 percent of the world’s population, but 48 percent of the share of the global population without access to electricity.

This means that almost 600 million people in sub-Saharan Africa lack access to electricity


Low Education Rates

Approximately 22.2 million children and adolescents in Latin America are not in school or at risk of dropping out of school each year.

It is well established that school dropouts have worse outcomes (physical, mental and economic) than do those youth who stay in school.